PBIS at SV West

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) focuses on improving a school's ability to teach and support positive behavior to all students.  It is a proactive approach of prevention and response to classroom and school discipline issues.  Emphasis is on developing and maintaining safe environments where teachers can teach and students can learn.  For more information on the PBIS from its authors, visit www.pbis.org.

Star Tickets and Star Students 

Your student will have the opportunity to earn star tickets from any school staff member. These can be used to get rewards in the class and from the principal. 

On Friday, each teacher will send one student to Mr. Britton to be added to the Principal's Club for that week. Students are selected by showing STELLER behavior in all settings. 

Each quarter, one student from Principal's Club will be chosen as the "Principal for the Day".


Storm Standards

Be Respectful

Students can be respectful by using appropriate words, respecting privacy, respecting physical space, using good manners, being cooperative, and using equipment properly.


Be Responsible

Students can be responsible by taking ownership for their own actions, following directions, being prepared for class, trying their best on all work, and asking for help when needed.


Be Safe

Students can be safe by keeping hands, feet, and all objects to themselves, using equipment properly, sitting correctly, keeping the school clean, moving with a purpose, and following directions.

Parent Involvement

In order for PBIS to be successful at SVWE, we need your help! Below is a list of suggestions of how you can help support PBIS:

  1. Remind your child of the STAR Standards on a daily basis (before leaving for school is a great time to review these): Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe!
  2. Use the same language that is being used at school with your child. Review the behavior matrix in the Student Handbook. (P. 5)
  3. Ask your child if he/she has added his/her name to the STAR board and how it was earned.
  4. If you are contacted because your child has not followed the STAR Standards, please review the behavior expectations at home.


Office Referrals

When a student does not follow the Storm Standards, a staff member will fill out an office referral to document the incorrect behavior. This slip is to provide data for minor behaviors and/or inform parents of major discipline problems. Mr. Britton will determine the consequences per handbook for all major referrals.


Out of the Blue Celebrations

When students are showing awesome behaviors and following expectations, we will surprise them with an OUT OF THE BLUE day! This is a small celebration to reward them for their excellent behavior!