The SAT test will be given with the school for free for all juniors on 4/11/2018.

Students can also take the SAT on their own to try to improve their score. Students can register  for the SAT at



College Admissions

Admissions to colleges is becoming more and more competative and getting a good score on the SAT helps students to get into the schools they want.

Preparing for the SAT by learning both content and test taking strategies helps you to get your best possible score.

If you are planning to go to a community college or another college for the first year or two and then transferring to a 4 year college THEY WILL LOOK AT YOUR SAT SCORES in the same way they would as if you were just applying as a freshman!

College Scholarships and aid

Many college scholarships and aid are awarded for academic excellence are simply not available to a student unless he or she reaches a specific SAT score. Other factors like GPA, extra curriculars, etc might be considered as well but most look at the SAT scores.

For the most part the higher your SAT score the more money you are potentially able to get to help pay for college.


Junior SAT 

For Juniors the SAT will serve as their state test but is also the standardized test used for most colleges and scholarships.

In April for Juniors the test is free  so you want to be prepared to do well so you do not need to pay to retake it on your own.


Free SAT Prep During your School Day!

We want you to do the best you can on the SATs so we will be doing prep with Juniors 3 days a week during advisory until the test in the spring!  All juniors will be using their advisory time every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY between today and April 11th (The test day)

You are strongly encouraged to do extra practice on your own.

The College Board and Khan Academy have partnered up to offer SAT Prep online to our students for free.  The web site is  This is where a student can take a full length practice test and see their score.  Students can also get individualized practice that targets problem areas.

Additional Test Prep can be found on the following web sites as well: