February Student & Teacher of the Month


Congratulations to Will Bryan and Mr. Gorecki, our high school student and teacher of the month for February!

Will Bryan is an outstanding musician and a natural leader, singing bass in both choirs and playing trumpet, baritone, and even tuba in the band. He constantly sets a good example for the other students to follow, and his curiosity about music is never satisfied. He is always striving to learn or explore something new.

Let’s hear it for Mr. Gorecki! He’s always a man in motion, and always working for and with our students to spotlight their musical talents and abilities. He always puts on top-notch productions, ranging from the annual Prism concert to the Marching Storm performances, which, by the way, snagged more than just a few trophies this season. Due to his traveling between schools, it may sometimes slip our minds just how involved behind the scenes he is in helping the machine that is our school run as smoothly as possible. He and the equally fabulous Mrs. Perrey are excellent teachers of the arts, and we should appreciate them!