Fifth Graders Honored by Kiwanis Club

A group of fifth graders has been honored by the Kiwanis Club for their outstanding effort during second quarter. Students who earned Honors or High Honors were presented with a certificate, magnet, and five dollar bill by Ms. Doris Mabry. The Kiwanis Bring Up Grades (BUG Program) is to promote academic achievement and to recognize and reward students for their efforts. Thank you to the Kiwanis Club of Decatur for providing this program for our students!

Back Row: Claire T., Delaney T., Jessie R., Rylan E., Hunter M., Delani I., Hannah M., Andrew W., Ms. Doris Mabry

Center Row: Ainsley C., Ella S., Caiden D., Jill W., Colton S., Luke K.

Front Row: Lily K., Hannah D., Eve S., Alexis A., Damion S., Cerryn M.

Not Pictured: Rowan B. and Allison C.