Water Testing Results


Illinois Public Act 99-922 requires all Pre-K through 5th grade schools built before January 1, 2000 to test the level of lead in the water from every outlet that could be used for drinking or food preparation.  The written sampling results must be submitted to the Illinois Department of Public Health and if lead is found at levels above 5 parts per million (ppb), the school district must notify parents.  Please note, this level set by the state is significantly lower than the Federal Government threshold of 15 ppb for public water systems and 20 ppb recommended by the EPA for school outlets.

On August 17, 2017, Ideal Environmental Engineering (IDEAL) performed water sampling at Sangamon Valley East and West Elementary Schools.  Both facilities were built prior to January 1, 200, where Pre-K through 5th grade students are present.  The water was tested to identify possible lead contamination for compliance with Public Act 099-0922.

The full results of water testing are available below (by building).  For more information about lead in drinking water, visit the US EPA website.

Please be assured that we will continue to take all action necessary to protect student health.  All drinking fountains and food preparation outlets at SVEE, SVWE, and SVMS have been shut off.  Water coolers have been added to the kitchens and hallways at each campus and will remain in place until all fixtures have been replaced and re-testing is completed.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Meadows, superintendent at 668-2338 if you have further questions or concerns.