PBIS at SV East

Sangamon Valley East Elementary uses the Positive Behavior Interventions & Support program in our school. We expect students to exhibit good school behavior in all settings, and we enjoy rewarding students with positive comments, "gotcha" tickets, and schoolwide celebrations. For more about this program, please visit the PBIS web site.

Students have done an excellent job of achieving our PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports) goals this year!  Now that the end of the year is upon us, we are focusing on ALL school-wide expectations.  Starting Monday, April 4th – Friday, May 6th , students who meet the following criteria will qualify to attend a field trip on Thursday, May 12th,  to the Avon Theater in Decatur to see the movie, “The Peanuts Movie”: 

Bus Referrals = 0

Office Discipline Referrals (Majors) = 0

Behavior Slips (Minors) = 0-1

Students who qualify during this five-week period will attend the movie at NO COST, thanks to the generous support of the SVEE PTO.  Students will also receive a popcorn and caffeine-free soda (or water) to enjoy during the movie.  Students who do not qualify will remain at school.  Please encourage your child to follow the rules on the bus, playground, cafeteria, classroom, etc…, so that we have 100% participation!

A permission slip will be sent home with your child on Friday, May 6th, if your child meets the criteria to attend.  

School Pledge

I am part of the SVEE School family.

I will respect myself, others, and my environment.

I promise to work hard and make wise choices.

I accept the challenge to become the best I can be.